Friday, April 23, 2010

freedom tastes so sweeeet!

yes. it does! that is all. its a fact! i am free from bloody exams until the final semester exams! halright!

but yea, after tons of studying for DENT2052 and DENT2062 and phailing miserably in drilling, the week of stress has finally ended. DENT 2062 went easier than expected, was pretty happy with my results. DENT2052 on the other hand was WTF!!!!!!!#@%$% it was grueling!! uughh!! so glad that its done now.

and so, after i finished uni on friday it was time to just chillax. oh and since it was zak's birthday, i did a shot of rum for him (it was my first drink in 2 weeks!), watched the house bunny and slept.

woke up this morning to play basketball for the YR 2 dent team. god i suck! but SAMMY was friggin amazing! talk about a chick beating the crap outta the other bigger and older seniors. she was our MVP and yet so modest about it. aahh Sam, you're my new idol!! later on tonight, we're gonna go out for zak's birthday dinner at vaipanos (or something spelt like that) and kicking it on to the embo afterwards! yezzah!! cant wait!

tomorrow, i'm gonna go for my first group outing with kelly's group. a simple cookout session at anthony's place for lunch followed by uno and etc. :D
really looking forward to that one. done! later!

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